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Kalari Gurukkal have the knowledge in human body and Marma treatments. Treatment is done using oils (Prepared with medicinal leaves).


We organize Indian Cultural Dance and Music (Regular classes and short term course)

  1. Regular classes, Ayurvedic Treatment and Marma Chikilsa (Short term courses for Tourists and also Residential workshop July and August, December, January and February), organize performances also.

After the Kalari Vandanam, we do Vandhana Chuvadu (Ganapathi Kai). While starting Kalari and stoping time also do this Vandana Chuvadu (Ganapathi Kai).

There are different types of Vandhana Chuvadu (Ganapathi Kai). Then you start the basic movements.

As has been explained, Kalarippayattu is also a healing art and a source of knowledge. Besides the movements for defense and attack, a science to repair the damage with massage and medication has been developed. In fact, nobody can be Kalarippayattu Master without having perfected both: the art of dis-empowerment and the art of re-empowerment of the body.

Due to the prohibition of the practice under the British Rule, the masters and disciples of this Marital Art worked secretly in collaboration with the Yogasana's and Marmavidya's Centres (Schools of Yoga and Ayurvedic Centres). Despite the fact that Kalarippayattu had already developed a science of its own for healing wounds, the medicinal aspect fully flourished, at the same time that the spiritual aspect based on silence and piety, settled deeply.

In that sense, Kalarippayattu follows the ancient Ayurvedic and Marma methods of massage, using the feet and hands to spread herbal oils all over the body, to regain its vital spots.These natural oils are made in the center in the traditional way, and are different according to each specific treatment. There are several treatment to heal many kinds of pain:  



specific massages to heal mental tensions, rheumatic diseases, blood pressure and skin problems;and marma massages, to recuperate zones with wounds or with pain such as broken bones, dislocations or problems with the heating system.


We do,

  1. Body Massage
  2. Weight Reducing Massage
  3. All kinds of fractures and body pain
  4. Foot Massage
  5. Panchakarma

We conduct

  1. Kalarippayattu Training
  2. Kalarippayattu Demonstration
  3. Kalarippayattu lecture with demonstration
  4. Kalari Treatment and Ayurvedic Treatment
  5. Actors training
  6. Action direction for film and tele serials and choreography

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The Maruthi Marma Chikilsa & Kalari Sangham
offers all kind of treatments guaranteeing the complete application of the traditional methods, Carried on through generations from fathers to sons through the centuries.


normal massages to improve the circulation and the nervous and muscular systems;

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