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Besides the teaching and the healing aspects, the Maruthi Marma Chikilsa Kalari Sangham has produced different types of performances and demonstrations of work. These performances are yearly presented in India and Europe by some of the most bright artists of Kerala, accompanied by the best students of the school. 

The Kalarippayattu, the traditional celebration of Kerala, and it is a powerful and electric travel inside the spectacular combats of this ancient Martial Art, converted to skillful sequences of movement through wildness and softness of the body. We also do movements like animals.

This performance includes all kind of unarmed combat with acrobatic movements, as well as the use of the traditional weapons (knife, sticks, sword and shield, lance and belt sword), and it finishes with an amazing dance with fire, just overtaking by the virtuous Kalarippayattu masters. It lasts 45 minutes or 1 hour, and it is performed by three artists.

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Kalari Kalari
Kalari Kalari

INDIA’s most verdant state - rated by “National Geographic Traveller” as one of the worlds 50 must see destinations.KERALA is a land of beauty of stunning variety and after is described as 


Kalari Kalari


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